The #modernworkplace in 2020: Keeping Remote Workers Productive and Secure

June 11, 2020 from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM UTC

According to the 2020 Gartner CFO Survey, almost 75% of businesses intend to shift some employees to permanent remote work following their experience responding to current global trends.

As organizations embrace this new reality of work, they are left struggling with the need to suddenly enable a diverse workforce consisting of employees, third-party contractors, vendors, and channel partners in an effort to maintain productivity—all while no longer working from a predetermined physical location. In this rapidly emerging modern workplace, the concept of “IT supplied infrastructure” may be nonexistent. Businesses must respond to ensure business continuity and preserve the acceleration of digital transformation, while also keeping workers safe and data secured during a time when the users are outside the perimeter. The world of mobility has changed so much, so quickly.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Key challenges faced by many organizations as they enable remote work
  • Recommendations for managing company devices and mobile data connections
  • Best practices for securing remote workers and their access to company applications
  • Tips for operationalizing security in distributed organizations
Watch the Webinar

Alex Cherian

Program Director, MaaS360 Offering Management, IBM Security

Michael Covington

VP of Product, Wandera

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